Cambourne Chess

Whether you are a casual player or a tournament player, Cambourne Chess has something for everyone.

We meet at Cambourne Church, every Friday from 5 - 6pm during school term. If you live further a field, you may enjoy our successful online club sessions which takes place every Saturday at 6:30 - 7:30pm.

Since lockdown, the online chess community has grown and the children have rapidly progressed in their chess using a variety of online tools and tournament opportunities such as the Delancey UK Chess Challenge, inter-county blitz competitions and the East Anglia rapid tournaments. 

This year, in the 2020/21 season, we were crowned champions in the Cambridgeshire Chess Championships - a school based chess competition, winning by a glorious 8 point margin and undefeated in all 13 rounds! 


Curriculum and Services

Our chess curriculum is based on high quality learning resources from the world renowned, Steps Method, which focuses first on child development to maximise chess learning


As well as teaching whole classes, we provide one to one coaching sessions. This has been particularly useful for children involved in tournaments or for those who wish to deepen or accelerate their understanding of chess. 

  • Curriculum focused 

  • Whole class teaching 

  • One to one coaching



To promote the social benefits of chess, we work with the fantastic charity, Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) and have helped to donate chess sets to a variety of places such as the Grafton Centre, libraries and Cambourne Church. Working on behalf of the charity, we also provide schools an opportunity to recieve whole class chess lessons and to enrich their curriculum. 

Cambourne Chess also belongs to the wider chess community, meeting with other schools from Cambridgeshire to take part in the Cambridgeshire Chess Championships - a season long tournament, running from October to March.


And even bigger still, we offer the opportunity for children to take part in the Delancey UK Chess Challenge  - a national competition held every year to find new budding talents!



Trevor and Claire make the class really interesting. Rishabh learns new insights in each class and he looks forward to the Friday session.


Just like to say Joseph loved his first session at chess club. He said it was 10/10 he loved learning tactics in a fun way.


My favourite thing about chess club is that there are loads of people that I can play with. I like playing with different people. I have learnt a lot! 


I like playing mini games because it is fun to learn new strategies and then put them into a full game of chess. 



It’s fun and you learn lots of

new things and I have made new friends too. 



I love the mini games so much. I have got better at chess. 



Join us and register!

Our weekly sessions are currently scheduled from 5 - 6pm on Fridays (Cambourne Church hall) and 6:30 t0 7:30pm on Saturdays (online)

Each session, we will provide a weekly Chess Challenge - a fun, focused set of puzzles to practise their skills.

Sessions are paid half termly or termly in advance at £5 a session.

Feel free to contact us for more information.


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